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  Praise for Derivatives Demystified

"A clear and indispensable guide for the serious investor."
      Michael Metz
      Chief Investment Strategist
      Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.
      New York

"Derivative financial products are an increasing part of global finance. Braddock narrates us through this mystical world in a way non-professionals can understand."
      Ambassador James R. Jones
      Former Chairman and CEO of the American Stock Exchange

"John Braddock has accomplished the impossible. Derivatives Demystified breaks down hypercomplex subject matter into manageable units and then explains them using easily understood prose. This is a must read for everyone in the securities industry."
      Proffessor Jeffrey J. Hass
      Professor of Securities Law and Corporate Finance
      New York Law School

"The word 'derivatives' is a hot-button topic in Washington. Derivatives Demystified is an eminently readable book and goes a long way toward correcting many of the misconceptions about this fascinating new area of global finance."
      Dr. Douglas E. Schoen
      Political Strategist
      Penn & Schoen

"Braddock's 'inside look' at the activities of the financial wizards who structure these instruments is, by itself, worth the price of admission."
      Edward H. Fleischman
      Linklaters & Paines
      Former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission

"A concise presentation, devoid of off-putting jargon, that offers corporate officers and risk managers important information about derivative instruments and trading strategies."
      Minati Misra
      Senior Risk Management Officer
      International Finance Corporation
      Washington, D.C.

"Over the past two decades, the Wall Street community has produced a seemingly endless variety of new and complex financial instruments. In Derivatives Demystified: Using Structured Financial Products , John Braddock explains in everyday easy-to-read language, the purpose and use of many of these products as well as the buzzwords that frequently confound the nonfinancial investor or executive."
      Alger B. "Duke" Chapman
      Chairman and CEO of The Chicago Board Options Exchange

"This balanced and comprehensive treatment of derivative products provides a very timely counterpoint to those that decry the perceived abuses of derivatives without an understanding of the long history and many uses of these types of financial products."

      Michael Fitzgerald
      Partner specializing in corporate and derivative securities issuances
      Brown & Wood
      New York

Derivatives Demystified: Using Structured Financial Products
Copyright © 2007-2015 by John C. Braddock
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.